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Treatment of obesity, including diet, exercise, surgery, and pharmacotherapy, has so far failed to reverse the incidence of obesity.

However, the mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 aims to eliminate the problem associated with obesity through an innovative and promising pharmacotherapeutic approach that reduces calorie content by uncoupling mitochondria and breaking down unnecessary body fat due to its own hidden reserves!!!!


– no addiction!!!

– no addiction!

– no side effects!!!

What many were afraid to even dream of is already a reality !!! Even if you do not train, the effect will be noticeable in a week (although a properly selected diet and training program will only accelerate its onset and severity – we recommend, nevertheless, take note of this fact)

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The recently announced and already well-established mitochondrial uncoupler BAM15 is an incredibly bioavailable and safe drug that:

  • increases nutrient oxidation
  • reduces body fat mass without altering food intake, lean body mass, body temperature, or biochemical and hematological markers of toxicity
  • reduces liver fat, reduces inflammatory lipids and has a strong antioxidant effect.
  • Moreover, recent scientific studies of hyperinsulinemia-euglycemia give every reason to believe that BAM15 – completely – removes the very unfortunate insulin resistance due to which excess fat accumulates in the body, and muscles, on the contrary, do not grow and wither away, improving insulin sensitivity in many types. tissues, thus normalizing the metabolism of fats and the absorption of carbohydrates as it should be, so that they are not deposited in the form of unnecessary body fat

BAM15 is used for:

  • Reducing body fat.
  • Decreased blood sugar levels.
  • Increasing the sensitivity of skeletal muscles to the effects of insulin.
  • Reducing fat accumulation in general by limiting its accumulation in the liver, kidneys and blood.

The half-life of BAM15 is 1.7 hours.


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