Shaker BioTech USA Shaker Wave 600 ml black


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Making cocktails is now a pleasure. The volume of the shaker allows you to make any of your favorite cocktails, you just need to pour the right amount of nutritional supplement, add liquid and shake well.

There is a thread on the neck of the shaker and on the lid for tightness and secure fixation. The lid will not open at the most "important" moment. The product is made of high quality food-grade plastic, does not contain harmful impurities that can be harmful to health.

The shaker additionally has a mesh to break up lumps, so your cocktail will be the perfect consistency. Divisions are applied on the body so that you can accurately determine the volume of liquid. Stylish classic design, discreet black color and corporate logo of your favorite brand will appeal to any athlete. Prepare healthy sports drinks with pleasure, so don't forget to buy a Wave Biotech USA shaker. Each new cocktail is a plus for your health and an ideal, muscular body!


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