Shaker Blender Bottle Blender Bottle Sport Mixer Black 830 ml


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The Blender Bottle Sport Mixer is a great shaker for storing liquids and nutrition during workouts. Its use is very simple, plus it is made of quality materials, which automatically extends its life. You can turn the shaker over as much as you like, the liquid from it will not go anywhere thanks to the tight lid. The plastic material is very durable, so it never loses its appearance. This plastic container can be used to prepare all kinds of food combinations. Here you can put both ordinary water and a more unusual cocktail (for example, cocoa or oatmeal). Environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful impurities and allows you not to worry about its safety. But the main feature of the shaker is its whisk, made in the form of a steel ball. One has only to fill the container with all the necessary ingredients, shake a little and the drink is ready. When using your favorite mixture, it is not at all necessary to pull the steel ball out of the shaker, as it will never rust. Another important plus is the absence of extraneous odors. One has only to wash the shaker and there will be no trace of the remnants of the drink. The lid of the glass has a convenient carrying ring. The shaker is perfectly attached to a sports bag and favorite backpack. The ribbed surface of the sides of the Blender Bottle Sport Mixer makes it easy to hold in your hand. The owner of a fashionable shaker will never regret purchasing it.


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