Shaker GymBeam BeastPink mint color 700 ml


The 700 ml BeastPink shaker bottle will catch your eye at first sight. Its innovative design and shape provide a comfortable grip. Create your own fitness style with the BeastPink Shaker!

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BeastPink Shaker is a stylish shaker bottle that will make your fitness style great

The BeastPink Shaker is a high quality 700ml shaker that is perfect for your favorite protein shakes, smoothies or any other delicious drink. With its unique shape, it fits comfortably in your hand and will become your favorite training partner. In addition, it has a resealable lid, which is easy to use and has a perfect size, making it very convenient to carry.

Benefits of BeastPink Shaker Bottles

  • stylish 700 ml shaker
  • has a unique shape
  • has a resealable lid that is easy to use
  • has an innovative design


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