Snacks IronMaxx Protein Chips 40 – 50g


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40 Protein Chips – Snacks Without Remorse

You probably know the situation: you settled down on the couch in the evening, turn on the TV and just want to relax. But something is missing. Eating now would be great. If you now reach for the usual junk chips, you will ruin your previously healthy day. But there shouldn't be such a bad conscience! With our IronMaxx® Protein Chips 40, we now offer you the pure pleasure of chips without any regrets, the ultimate solution. We have been working on the recipe for a long time and constantly optimizing our results. Now we can present you incomparably delicious chips that were not fried in fat, but baked. We don't use palm oil at all!

IronMaxx® chips impress with their high protein content.

If you look at the large assortment of chips in Germany, the extremely low nutritional value of various products immediately catches your eye. Various chips are low in protein but high in carbohydrates, unhealthy fats and roughage. This is where IronMaxx® comes to the rescue. As the name suggests, Protein Chips 40 is 40% high quality protein and therefore rich in protein. Proteins contribute to the maintenance and increase of muscle mass, as well as maintaining the normal condition of the bones. In addition, our low sugar protein chips are ideal for diet phases. IronMaxx® Protein Chips 40 also contains up to 23% (depending on the variety) fiber. Adequate fiber intake can bring many benefits to you and your body. Because by consuming fiber, many athletes and non-athletes are hoping for a longer feeling of satiety and a healthy gut flora.


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