Special supplement Country Life Varico Vien 60 caps


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VaricoVein Country Life maintains the tone and structure of the veins. Ascorbic acid regulates metabolic processes, significantly increases the immunological properties of the body, and promotes the process of tissue regeneration. Vitamin C plays the role of a kind of catalyst for all healing processes in the body, and also performs a number of important missions. By itself and in combination with other vitamins, it significantly improves the quality of tissues that form the walls of capillaries and veins.

Grape seed extract in the composition of VaricoVein strengthens the walls of blood vessels, making them more elastic and extensible. The main active component of grape seeds is proanthocyanidin, a plant substance that has a powerful effect. It helps prevent varicose veins and is used as a complex therapy for diagnosed varicose veins.

Diosmin belongs to the group of natural biologically active compounds. The substance has an angioprotective and venotonic effect. Reduces the extensibility of veins, increases their tone and reduces venous congestion, reduces permeability, fragility of capillaries and increases their resistance.


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