Special supplement Scitec Nutrition Liver Support 80 caps


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Liver Support 80 caps (Scitec Nutrition), a liver health supplement, is formulated with sea thistle seed extract. The composition also includes: soybean oil, soy lecithin, glycerin, yellow wax and dyes. The substance silibilin, secreted by the sea thistle, protects liver cells from intoxication, including alcohol.

The properties of sea thistle – to restore glutathione, a substance produced by the liver and responsible for redox reactions and enzyme production, are widely used in medicine. Thistle extract removes fatty acid processing products, free radicals and toxic substances from the body, including alcohol. In recent clinical studies, silibilin has been called a powerful anti-cancer agent. The recipe of traditional medicine recommends thistle tincture for kidney diseases. Another interesting property of the thistle is to have a tonic effect on the muscles. The Liver Support supplement is not a medicine, but only an assistant that maintains the cellular tissue of the liver in good, working condition.


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