Sponser Protein shake low carb 550 grams


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Protein shake low carb is a protein powder that is designed to make a wonderful milkshake with the most delicate taste. It has a high biological value, thanks to the egg whites and milk that make up the composition. The drug includes L-Carnitine, which stimulates the process of fat burning in the body. Each serving of the product contains the necessary dose of carnitine to activate this process. The low carbohydrate complex can be used as a health supplement in regular meals. It will enrich the diet with high quality proteins and low-calorie carbohydrates. It is effective to use as a nutraceutical, combining the drug with vegetables, fruits and salads. The product contains 10 essential vitamins per serving (including folic and pantothenic acids, biotin, niacin) and is able to cover a quarter of the body's daily need for these substances. The powder dissolves easily in milk, turning into a protein-carnitine cocktail.


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