Topping Quamtrax Sauce Ketchup – 330 ml


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Quamtrax Gourmet has prepared a large selection of delicious zero calorie sauces and syrups to accompany your desserts and meals. Are you tired of tasteless salads, chicken fillet, hamburgers, etc. Now you can spice up your healthy diet without worrying about extra calories, without sacrificing taste and without feeling guilty!!! Quamtrax sauces and syrups are 0% calories, less than 1 kcal per serving, sugar and fat free, and made from quality raw materials.

Quamtrax sauces and syrups are designed for all people who want to take care of a healthy diet and maintain it. Athletes can include them in their low-calorie recipes even during workouts.

Enjoy food without worry, without guilt, with delicious taste and build a healthy body and life!


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