Trec Nutrition Fat Transporter 180 tabs


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Fat Transporter is a dietary supplement designed for overweight people with a tendency to obesity, the use of which in combination with a reduction action significantly accelerates the burning of adipose tissue. The drug contains lipotropic substances (which activate the metabolism of fats), such as choline and inositol, whose task is to process, melt, and transport fat molecules. Due to their emulsifying properties, these substances reduce the level of bad cholesterol, cleanse the walls of blood vessels from fatty deposits. Delay the development of arteriosclerosis and strengthen the heart muscle. The supplement preparation is enriched with amino acids, vitamins and herbal extract, effectively supports the process of removing toxins, that is, cleansing the body. Gives a protective and regenerative effect on the soft tissues of the liver and kidneys, damaged due to improper diet.
The bioactive substances contained in Fat Transporter also normalize the secretion of gastric juice, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, and speed up the digestion of food.
It has a beneficial effect on increasing metabolism, leading to an increase in the participation of triglycerides in the energy processes of the body, thereby accelerating the burning of reserve fat. Fat Transporter also additionally influences the process of keratinization of the epidermis, hair, nails – strengthening their structure.
The systematic use of Fat Transporter for several weeks guarantees a positive effect in the form of a significant reduction in adipose tissue and an improvement in the aesthetics of the silhouette. The maximum effect can be achieved when Fat Transporter is combined with Thermo Fat Burner, L-Carnitine Complex or CLA.


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