Tribulus NUTREND Tribulus Terrestris turbo 120 caps


Created for:

– increased testosterone levels,

– development of endurance,

– stimulating the growth of muscle mass,

– acceleration of mental and physical recovery,

– boosting immunity,

– improve metabolism,

– increased libido (in both sexes),

– stimulation of spermatogenesis.

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Tribulus Terestris plant extract is known as natural Viagra due to its high content of steroidal saponins, natural testosterone stimulants. It not only increases libido, but also improves mood and self-confidence.

Tribulus terrestris stimulates the growth of muscle mass, increases strength and endurance, and also accelerates physical and mental recovery.

Tribulus terrestris also helps to reduce fat reserves and lower cholesterol levels, cleanses the liver and helps get rid of urolithiasis.


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