Ultimate Nutrition Pill Box


The Ultimate Nutrition Penal is both a pill box and a protein container. In fact, this is a very practical and easy-to-use thing.

The Ultimate Nutrition company managed to very successfully combine two things necessary for every athlete in one ergonomic case: storage for vitamins, amino acids, etc., as well as a container for one serving of protein, gainer or other loose powders.

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The Ultimate Nutrition Penal is a great watering can shaped pill box. What's more, you no longer need to open the shaker all the way to pour powder into it, risking spilling it.

Here everything is thought out to the smallest detail!

  • You just open the neck of the shaker,
  • Unscrew the cork from the neck of the protein container – it is made in the form of a funnel,
  • Insert the funnel into the neck of the shaker and, with the help of light taps, pour the contents without spilling anything at all.
  • Everything! It remains only to close everything and shake well.

Your cocktail is ready.

What does Ultimate Nutrition's Pill Pencil Case consist of. This watering can for tablets consists of a compartment for capsules, divided into three equal parts and a funnel, which is securely closed with a screw cap. It contains three tablespoons of powder with a slide.


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