VPLab Nitric Ignition 90 tab


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If you want to get the most out of your workouts, then you need Nitric Ignition. By accelerating blood flow, Nitric Ignition will provide your muscles with a huge amount of nutrients in a short time, and will also help muscle tissues recover and grow faster. Nitric Ignition increases blood oxygen levels to prevent fatigue. Another benefit of Nitric Ignition is that it is caffeine-free, making it great for evening workouts without causing the insomnia and jitteriness that comes with energy drinks. The composition of this complex includes arginine, citrulline, histidine, aspartic acid and vitamin B3, which are combined in one product using a special technology that provides different nutrient absorption rates, which means an immediate and at the same time lasting effect from training. Now, whether you're cycling to work or lifting free weights at the gym, you have the perfect pre-workout to turn every move you make into a health benefit. • Increases workout intensity, reduces muscle fatigue • Helps increase endurance and strength • Accelerates muscle recovery • Stimulant-free


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