Water bottle NUTREND Glass Bottle 800 ml (red)


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A glass bottle that reduces the accumulation of debris and the accumulation of harmful BPA compounds, for daily use, whether for sports, walking or at work. Made from strong quality glass. Each bottle comes with a free neoprene protective cap for thermal insulation. It maintains the best temperature of the drink and at the same time defends the bottle. Thanks to the carrying strap, it is always possible to hold the bottle tightly in the hand, there is no risk that the bottle will simply fall out and slip out of the finished one. This glass bottle is perfect for daytime hydration while working out, whether you're hiking or doing a long and hard workout. Getting water right every day is pretty important, and this fresh bottle of Nutrend can help. Various types of Nutrend sports bottles have an original design that guarantees comfortable transportation, as well as light and frisky delivery. apply. The end contains a threaded system for a flawless closure, so you don't have to worry about it actually spilling out of your workout bag. Features: hermetic system 800 ml saving capacity non-hazardous system without overflow carrying strap neoprene protective cover free of harmful substances perfect for use in iso- and hydrotonic drinks


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