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True Whey Protein is a whey protein made from 100% whey using the Cross Filtration Method (CFM) – one of the highest quality processing methods. It has a high proportion of protein, BCAAs, low foaming, excellent solubility, absorbency and taste. It is a Slovak product with an excellent amino acid profile and contains up to 8% leucine, the most effective BCAA amino acid with a strong anabolic effect. The stomach is the least loaded, and it is also suitable for beginners.

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TrueWhey: 100% soluble whey protein with a high ratio of proteins and amino acids

True whey protein is derived from 100% whey. It is a high quality whey protein concentrate characterized by a high proportion of protein, 75%-82% depending on taste. The serum is completely soluble and the most advanced Cross Filtration Method (CFM) is used as filtration. This ensures maximum protein utilization of all types of protein.

TrueWhey is a CFM whey protein concentrate that removes most of the carbs and fat from it while retaining almost 82% protein content. This allows you to safely help not only in regeneration, but also in achieving your goals faster. TrueWhey by GymBeam is a Slovak product. There are no unnecessary preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, synthetic amino acids to increase protein content and improve taste. The recipe of the product is well known and we do not hide behind proprietary blends, matrices and certified blends whose composition is secret.

It is characterized by an excellent amino acid profile and contains up to 8% leucine , which is the most effective BCAA amino acid and has a strong anabolic effect . It is rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are important for muscle growth as they kick-start protein synthesis and deliver the building blocks to muscle fibers. They speed up the recovery and immunity of the body. It also digests quickly and does not upset the stomach. This protein is suitable for increasing physical performance and increasing muscle mass without excess fat.

True Whey Protein and Its Benefits

  • high proportion of protein
  • a simple form of whey concentrate processing, CFM provides an easy and natural way for the body to digest
  • instant whey and minimal foaming
  • supports muscle growth and regeneration
  • Slovak product

Who is True Whey for?

Suitable for all athletes and women who care about protein intake while gaining muscle mass without excess fat. We recommend it for any sport or other physical activity.


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