Whey protein Weider Isolate Whey 100 CFM 908 g


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Isolate Whey 100 CFM is the best protein source for building your muscle mass
Whey protein isolate is considered one of the best sources of protein for the body of an athlete. All thanks to its high absorption rate, complete amino acid composition and maximum biological value.

Key Features of Weider's New Isolate
25 g protein per serving
5 g Essential BCAAs Per Serving
0 g sugars
Without Aspartame
Consuming 2-3 portions of Isolate Whey 100 CFM, you significantly accelerate the anabolic processes in the body, the muscles will recover faster after training and increase in volume.

If you are looking for a high quality protein with excellent taste, fast absorption rate and maximum benefits for the body Isolate Whey 100 CFM is definitely your choice.

With stevia
Contains enzymes that improve digestion


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