Zinc, magnesium aspartate plus vitamin B6 RealPharm Z-3 90+30tab


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Maintain vitality, give strength for many hours of training, and also balance testosterone levels – Z-3 90 perfectly copes with these difficult tasks. This dietary supplement from RealPharm provides the body with important trace elements – zinc and magnesium, which have the most beneficial effect on health person. It is well known that a deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to serious malfunctions in the body. Meanwhile, it is simply impossible to get all the necessary trace elements from the products that make up our daily menu. RealPharm's Z-3 90 helps solve this problem. It contains magnesium, which normalizes the functioning of the heart, promotes proper protein synthesis, and also maintains muscles in excellent tone. Another of the components is zinc, which helps to balance testosterone levels. It has a very positive effect on a man's ability to reproduce. In addition, the product also includes vitamin B6, which prevents the exhaustion of the nervous system, and also normalizes the regulation of hormones.


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