Alanine Powder – 180g


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BETA ALANINE – dietary supplement, source of beta-alanine. Increases endurance by reducing lactic acid levels and supports normal energy metabolism.

Alanine is a non-essential amino acid, an aliphatic compound that plays an important role in the biological process. This acid is called replaceable because it can be synthesized in the body with the help of nitrogen.

For the average person, in most cases, the amount obtained from a normal balanced diet is sufficient.

But for those who receive increased physical activity or experience a deficiency of glucose in case of malfunctions in the body, it is necessary to additionally compensate for the lack of alanine.

The amino acid alanine has exactly the same properties as other non-essential amino acids. The main feature that distinguishes this acid from others is its important participation in gluconeogenesis in the liver.

In other words, alanine can be converted to glucose directly in the liver, just as glucose can be converted to alanine there.

Another important feature of alanine is its duality. In fact, it is divided into alpha and beta alanine. The first is a component of proteins, and the second is bioactive complex compounds.

Due to its unique qualities, alanine is widely used in many sports, in the treatment of various diseases, as a general tonic, in cosmetology and for other purposes.

It is effective in menopause, is indispensable in the composition of sports nutrition, is actively used by cosmetologists to create therapeutic and prophylactic agents, and is recommended by doctors as a sedative and antispasmodic.

It is especially useful to take beta-alanine for those involved in athletic sports. For bodybuilders, the benefit of alanine supplementation is that the body receives additional energy due to increased glucose synthesis.



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