Amino Acid BioTech USA 100% L-Glutamine – 500 g


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Glutamine belongs to the group of conditionally essential amino acids. It is synthesized in human skeletal muscle and is found in certain foods. Glutamine is involved in the formation of building blocks for protein, with the help of which the transfer of useful substances to all organs of the body occurs.

Glutamine is necessary for the body of any person, but its role is especially great for people who play sports or undergo a course of recovery from injuries and operations. This amino acid has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and brain, promotes the rapid healing of wounds and burns. It prevents the destruction of the liver, stimulates the synthesis of growth hormone and effectively removes metabolic products from the body. Glutamine can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, improve the physical condition and well-being of people with HIV, and help the body deal with stress.



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