Amino Acid MST Beta – Alanine Unflavored – 300g


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Powder Complex Beta-Alanine from a German brand MST Nutrition is a source of the natural amino acid beta-alanine, the only beta-amino acid present in the human body. The compound helps to withstand very complex and intense physical exertion, promotes the flow of anabolic processes, and also ensures rapid muscle recovery.

beta alanine It is a non-essential amino acid that is produced in the liver and found in small amounts in animal products. In sports nutrition, it is available in the form of tablets or powder.

Alanine is a non-essential amino acid, an aliphatic compound that plays an important role in the biological process. This acid is called replaceable because it can be synthesized in the body with the help of nitrogen.

For the average person, in most cases, its amount obtained from a normal balanced diet is sufficient. But for those who receive increased physical activity or experience a glucose deficiency when the body malfunctions, it is necessary to additionally compensate for the lack of alanine.

The amino acid alanine has exactly the same properties as other non-essential amino acids. The main feature that distinguishes this acid from others is its important participation in gluconeogenesis in the liver. In other words, alanine can be converted to glucose directly in the liver, just as glucose can be converted to alanine there.



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