Amino Acid Redcon1 Grunt EAAs – 285 g


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For the athlete or bodybuilder who is serious about recovery.

grunt- is a powerful and effective EAA formula containing 9 amino acids needed to grow new and maintain existing muscle mass. Don't confuse EAA with BCAA. While both are required by the body and can only be provided through food or supplements, EAAs are a complete source of protein while BCAAs are not. Research shows that EAAs are best used as part of your pre-workout program, while BCAAs are most beneficial post-workout due to their higher dosages.

Use a supplement that elite athletes have known about for years. If you're looking to gain muscle and keep it fueled with a steady dose of amino acids, make sure you take Grunt as part of your daily, year-round supplement program.

Essential Amino Acids (EAA) are 9 amino acids that the body does not produce and must be obtained from food or supplements. All EAAs must be present in the body in order to produce muscle protein and promote muscle growth, recovery, and repair.


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