Arginine OstroVit L-Arginine 210 grams


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To fully nourish muscle fibers, regulate blood pressure, improve the transport of nutrients to muscle tissues and speed up the recovery process, the manufacturer OstroVit recommends buying L-Arginin 210 grams, since arginine is the so-called nitrogen donator, which plays an important role in the formation of attractive muscles and strengthening immunity.

Such an amino acid is widely used in bodybuilding, since among the declared effects one can see the most important positions for a bodybuilder (stimulation of pumping and the production of growth hormone, lowering cholesterol, helping to heal injuries, abrasions, etc.).

However, the main reasons why in recent years the amino acid has gained immense popularity among athletes is to stimulate the growth of muscle volume and mass, actively help in the destruction of fat cells, protect the heart, and also ensure the most correct recovery process.


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