Bars Scitec Nutrition Choco Pro 55 grams


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Choco Pro 55 grams (Scitec Nutrition) protein bars, well complement the diet when doing athletic sports. Depending on the diet, you can consume from 1 to 4 bars per day. This supplement will help you gain weight faster and provide the body with the necessary energy for training. In some cases, this product can replace regular protein foods.

In a 55-gram bar – 18 grams of high quality protein, its energy value (212 kcal), and its benefits are beyond doubt. The recipe uses only higher quality natural products: corn syrup, 3-component protein base, vegetable fats, fat-free cocoa powder, soy lecithin, etc. The bar is covered with chocolate icing of a special recipe. This is a significant help in providing the athlete's body with proteins and accelerating the process of building muscle mass. In addition, one more plus is visible here and a great opportunity for lovers of sweets: replace junk food with beneficial, tasty bars. Choco Pro – double the benefits of food pleasure and fast training results thanks to a protein diet.


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