GymBeam MoiMüv Protein Bar 60g


The MoiMv Protein Bar contains up to 23g of protein, making it the perfect protein snack to feed you while adding protein. It is low in sugar and has over 7g of fiber so you can enjoy it any time of the day.

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The MoiMv protein bar is a high protein, low sugar snack.

The MoiMv protein bar has a unique composition where you can find up to 23 grams of protein, over 7 grams of fiber and just a minimum of sugar. This makes it the ideal protein snack to complement the high biological value of proteins that promote muscle recovery after exercise.

MoiMv Protein Bar has a soft and elastic texture that dissolves directly on the tongue. It will delight you with its exceptionally delicious taste in two versions – biscuits with cream and crispy caramel. This is a great choice as a snack at work or on the go because it will keep you going for up to two hours.

MoiMv protein bar and its benefits:

  • contains up to 23 g of protein
  • high in fiber and low in sugar
  • you will love its unique taste
  • suitable as a protein snack during the day


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