BioTech USA Protein Dessert Bar – 50 g


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  • With 26% protein
  • rich in protein
  • Low sugar
  • Rich in dietary fiber
  • Palm oil free
  • Gluten free*

Is a varied and balanced diet important to you? You have a fitness goal and work hard to reach it day after day, but is it hard to give up sweet tastes? You do not need! With Black Biscuit Protein Dessert Bar you will get a real dessert! With its low sugar content and 13g of protein per bar, it makes an ideal part of a varied, balanced diet. It can be eaten as a post-workout snack, on a weekend hike, or on a busy weekday between two meetings!

The dessert impression is provided not only by the irresistible taste of black biscuit, but also by its delicate and crunchy texture! The Black Biscuit Protein Dessert Bar is enriched with biscuit pieces and coated in a delicious shell! It's also a great choice as a cheat meal because with the Black Biscuit Protein Dessert Bar, you don't have to compromise if you're craving something sweet!

* Gluten free in accordance with European Union regulations.

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