BCAA BioTech USA BCAA+B6 340 tab


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What is BCAA + B6? Everything is very simple, this is a food supplement, it has collected the most necessary for growth, beautiful and uniform, amino acids in the ideal ratio for the bodybuilder's body. Thus, branched-chain amino acids contribute to muscle growth, beautiful shape and excellent relief. And the additional content of water-soluble B6 will help in the qualitative and optimal absorption of these amino acids. Vitamin B6 is in great demand in processes that relate to any exchange at the level of cells, muscles – in general, tissues. Therefore, the combination of amino acids such as leucine, isoleucine and valine, together with this vitamin, gives an unparalleled result after only a short use. Plus a 2:1:1 minaclota ratio. BCAA + B6 is very convenient to take, because these are tablets, one dose means four tablets. If the result is important to you like nothing else, then the ideal option for taking is 2 tablets half an hour before the active phase of your day and 2 immediately at the start. Thus, you can achieve amazing results in 2-3 months, go ahead!


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