L-Carnitine 2800 – 120 tabl


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L-carnitine – one of the most popular components of sports nutrition, but not everyone knows why it should be taken and how it works.

L-carnitine participates in many biochemical processes of the body – the transport of blood and nutrients to organs and tissues, metabolism, synthesis and regeneration of cells.
Despite the fact that our body is able to synthesize L-carnitine itself, prevention of its deficiency is extremely important. The fact is that the liver produces only 16-20 mg of the substance per day. And this is provided that a person eats properly and leads an active lifestyle. The daily need of the body for L-carnitine is much higher – 200-500 mg. And people who are actively involved in sports and have suffered serious illnesses need even more amino acids for normal health – up to 2000 mg.
It turns out that even for a healthy person it is extremely important to make sure that L-carnitine additionally enters the body from the outside.

What useful functions does the substance perform?

  • Body weight control. L-carnitine is involved in fat metabolism and enhances the processing of saturated fatty acids in tissues. This is important for those who follow their figure and set a goal to lose weight.
  • Increased strength and aerobic endurance. Since L-carnitine "processes" fat into energy faster, the overall performance of a person increases. This is extremely important for athletes and people engaged in heavy physical labor. The amino acid protects muscle tissue from "overload" and damage.
  • Resilience to stress and increased mental performance. L-carnitine is involved in the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain, and also enhances the action of serotonin (the hormone of pleasure).That is why a sufficient level of amino acids is so important for a normal psycho-emotional state of a person. L-carnitine improves memory and attention, increases resistance to stress and overload, normalizes sleep.
  • Protection against harmful substances. L-carnitine, actively participating in metabolic processes, is able to accelerate the excretion of xenobiotics from the body – substances alien to humans (for example, pesticides and heavy metals).
  • Protection of the cardiovascular system from "wear". L-carnitine is able to reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. And this is the best prevention of the development of serious pathologies of the cardiac system – strokes, heart attacks, the formation of blood clots in the vessels.


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