BCAA Blastex Xline BCAA 300 grams


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The dominant privilege of this substance is its availability in the sports nutrition market, which, at this time, is very important for the buyer. This tool helps to surprisingly increase the body's performance during heavy-duty power loads. It helps to restore the activity of the body and bring it back to normal in case of overwork.

Xline BCAA gives new strength, vitality and activity to the whole body and improves its activity. Moreover, a great positive quality is that during the use of the product, muscle mass is gained and, at the same time, the fat layer is burned. Thus, the physical properties of the body are improved in many ways, and not only in the very structure of the muscles, but also in their appearance and shape at the physiological level. The taste of the product is also surprising, you can choose either lemon, or orange, or cherry, or grapefruit taste, dissolving the substance in any liquid. Use the substance twice a day: before and after sports


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