BCAA Progress Nutrition BCAA 600 mg (100 caps)


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Progress Nutrition BCAAs are the three most important amino acids in convenient capsule form. This is a combination of three main components – leucine, isoleucine, valine, which occupy almost 40% of all amino acids that muscles need.

Lecine – replenishes the energy balance, isoleucine – consumes the produced glucose, which means it has anti-catabolic properties, and valine is nothing more than a stimulant that activates immune forces, metabolism, and brain activity. In fact, BCAA is a source of energy, thanks to which the synthesis of tricarboxylic acids and gluconeogenesis in the body of an athlete is ensured.

  • help in building dry mass,
  • normalization of lipolysis,
  • increased endurance,
  • strengthening immunity,
  • reduction of the compensation period after training.



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