BioTech USA Super Fruit Bar – 30 g


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  • Contains no added sugar*
  • Rich in fiber
  • Gluten free**
  • Palm oil free
  • Without dyes
  • Without smell
  • Vegetarian
    * Contains natural sugars.

**Gluten-free according to European Union regulations.

If you're crazy about dried fruits and fatty nuts, and love them in bars instead of just in pieces, try our new vegan Super Fruit Bar! As the name suggests, it contains many excellent botanical ingredients and its rich flavor comes from dried fruit only, with no artificial flavor. In addition, thanks to the small pieces of almonds and cashews, it has a unique texture. A real vegan treat made from natural ingredients!

Our Super Fruit Bar can be taken with you wherever you go, such as to work, on a short weekend trip or to the gym. If it's time for a bite to eat, Super Fruit Bar is a good choice anywhere, anytime!

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