Carbohydrates (Carbo) GymBeam Vitargo Energy – 1000 g


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Vitargo Energy – saccharide energy source, which includes a special patented component Vitargo®. It is a high molecular weight cornstarch saccharide specially formulated for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its role is to maximize athletic performance and ensure glycogen stores. Muscle glycogen serves as a direct source of energy for our muscles, contributing to their faster growth and regeneration. Vitargo Energy contains a minimum of fat and you will not find sugar in it. In the stomach, this saccharide is retained for a short period of time, so it does not cause bloating or unnecessary stomach pain. In addition, it does not bind water from the body's reserves, but, on the contrary, promotes proper hydration of the body, making sports even more comfortable.

Vitargo Energy and its advantages:

  • carbohydrate source of energy
  • contains a special patented component Vitargo®
  • increases productivity
  • replenishes glycogen stores
  • contains a minimum of fat
  • does not contain sugar
  • does not weigh down the stomach
  • ensures proper hydration of the body



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