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CARBONIZER XR – You will have all the energy you need!

The effective use of carbohydrate products not only in endurance sports, but also in strength sports helps to reduce regeneration time and improve athletic performance. When choosing these foods and creating an effective supplementation schedule, exercisers should keep in mind that the different chemical structures of the various carbohydrate molecules will determine their transit time through the digestive tract, digestion rate, blood saturation, and absorption into working muscle cells.

At the initial stage of training, the necessary energy comes directly from muscle glycogen, and after the depletion of these resources, glucose reserves from liver glycogen are used. The lack of glycogen in the working muscles leads to a violation of their function and reduces the ability to exercise. At the same time, there is an increased risk of developing a catabolic state in muscle tissue and using amino acid energy to provide strength for further activity. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the diet – before and after training – with foods that provide a constant supply of carbohydrates.

The production of this drug complies with pharmaceutical standards, which guarantees the highest quality!

Modern, ultra-effective carbohydrate dietary supplements for athletes and physically active people, such as CARBONIZER XR, consist of various carbohydrate sources formulated in precisely defined proportions (based on scientific research and empirical studies conducted on athletes).This guarantees the most optimal kinetics of blood glucose saturation and its absorption into the working muscles, ensuring a constant supply of energy components during long and long workouts. Due to the fact that the preparation contains carbohydrates with higher glycemic indexes, it is ideal for quickly replenishing glycogen stores even after the most difficult workouts.

Don't fall for one-component, all-in-one carbohydrate supplements that are supposed to be the perfect source of energy both during and immediately after long workouts. Studies have shown that THERE IS NO SUCH !!!

The entire extended release monosaccharide concept in CARBONIZER XR is based on precisely defined ratios of four carbohydrate sources (isomaltulose, waxy corn starch, fructose and maltodextrin). Three of these sources (isomaltulose, waxy cornstarch, and fructose) have very low glycemic values ​​and therefore slowly increase blood glucose levels. Therefore, they are ideal sources of energy during long sessions of physical effort and can be consumed both immediately before and during training. The additional low crystallization maltodextrin guarantees the supply of fast absorbing carbohydrates just before or during hypoglycemia. These carbohydrates also have a positive effect on the efficiency of transport of creatine and amino acids into muscle cells.

The first such composition!

Research has shown that providing a variety of carbohydrate sources is much more beneficial in terms of total glucose and body glucose saturation time than providing the same amount of maltodextrins or other complex carbohydrates.

Graphs represent changes in blood glucose levels after administration of various carbohydrate sources.

CARBONIZER XR is safe, it has been extensively tested for microbial contamination, heavy metals or substances classified as prohibited in sport.


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