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OstroVit Caffeine 200mg is a high quality dietary supplement containing caffeine. The product is designed for all people in need of stimulation. The product is especially recommended for athletes, drivers and people who need an extra boost of energy while studying or working. One tablet contains 200mg of pure caffeine.

Caffeine – how does it work?
This substance is valued for its stimulating effect. Caffeine acts by stimulating the central nervous system, increasing concentration and improving mood. Moreover, caffeine speeds up cardiac activity, increases the force of its contraction and increases the metabolic rate. Caffeine has stimulant properties by acting on the cerebral cortex. It reduces tiredness and fatigue and prolongs the time of concentration and better attention.

Properties of the ingredients contained in OstroVit Caffeine:

  • Help speed up metabolism
  • Stimulate, energize
  • Support to Reduce Excess Body Fat
  • Help in enhancing mental functions
  • Delay physical and mental fatigue during exercise


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