Hydration Tubes – 96g


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Hydration Tube is a unique caffeine-free blend for all gamers who want to constantly improve their skills and defeat even the best opponents. In the list of ingredients you will find several carefully selected ingredients, each with its own meaning. Let's name, for example, sodium and potassium electrolytes. They are known for their effect on body hydration. Potassium takes care of the optimal amount of water inside the cells, while sodium takes care of the water outside of them. It is mainly found in extracellular fluids, where it affects their volume. Common symptoms of dehydration include, for example, general weakness, fatigue, or headache. Even mild symptoms can negatively impact a player's performance, so focus on adequate fluid and mineral intake. However, hydration is not the only task of potassium in the body. It also affects the functioning of the nervous system and muscles, which is critical for maximum reaction speed.

However, in Hydration Tube there is also zinc, which helps maintain eye health. Every player will surely confirm that eyes and good eyesight are crucial in the game. In addition, it is worth mentioning the effect of zinc on cognitive functions, which are also indispensable in the game. These include, for example, memory or concentration.


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