Isotonic BioTech USA IsoTonic 30 g


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During active training, along with sweat, the body can lose a fair amount of vitamins and amino acids, without which it is impossible to build muscle. It is recommended during the most strenuous physical exercises not only to drink plenty of water, but also to consume tonic drinks in order to compensate for the loss of nutrients by the athlete's body to a normal level.

To make up for the loss of fluid during training, they usually drink clean, high-quality water. And to replenish nutrients, a healthy drink Iso Tonic (biotech) is prepared, which will not only quench your thirst, but also satisfy your energy hunger. Due to intense training, the body feels the need primarily to replenish energy, and this drink contains the necessary minerals, vitamins and fast carbohydrates, which perfectly compensate for energy losses, helping to avoid possible lethargy, muscle cramps and general debilitating fatigue after training. Thanks to a carefully calculated composition, it gives the necessary tone during training, allowing the muscles to contract correctly, following the training plan.


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