Energy Powder Sample – 9g


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Energy Powder Sample — a bag with an effective powder for e-sportsmen and avid gamers. It contains nootropics – substances that have a beneficial effect on memory, thinking and concentration – key mental processes that can decide the course of every online match. What's more, adaptogens are also included in the ingredient profile and can influence stress management, adaptation, and resilience to stressful situations. This can help you stay cool in tense game situations that affect your overall score.

In addition to sharpening the core gaming experience, the energy powder also takes care of the player's health. It contains B vitamins, of which, for example, B6, B9 and B12 are involved in reducing fatigue and fatigue. Thus, XBEAM Energy Powder is a complex mixture designed to significantly improve the abilities of all players and increase their ranking in the leaderboards. The icing on the cake is the fresh taste that XBEAM Energy Powder reaches even without sugar. Just mix it with water and go!


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