ENTROPIQ Gaming Caps – 60 caps


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ENTROPIQ Gaming Caps is a nutritional supplement in capsules developed by players for players. The ingredient profile has been compiled directly by the best players from the ENTROPIQ esports team. This product was created with the goal of providing maximum support for gaming performance during any match, whether professional esports players, beginners or gamers. It boasts 13 active ingredients, including the most popular adaptogens that the game never ends with.

The list of functional ingredients starts with L-carnitine, which is a nootropic along with Bacopa, also known as Brahmi. These substances are associated with improved memory, thinking and concentration, which are key mental processes that can decide the course of every online match. As you campaign for victory, you'll also appreciate the fact that Bacopa, along with its Ashwagandha Root Extract and Rhodiola rosea, belongs to a group called adaptogens. These substances help to better cope with stress, adapt to it more easily and thus increase the overall resistance of the body. This can help you stay cool in tense game situations that affect your overall score. Whether it's team fights in League of Legends, quick shootouts in CS:GO or PUBG, or chasing the winning goal in FIFA.


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