Energy Formula Tube – 280g


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Energy Formula Tube is a unique blend for all gamers who want to constantly improve their skills and defeat even the toughest opponents. The main ingredient is the stimulant caffeine, which can stimulate you to peak performance before the game. However, the product also contains electrolyte sodium. It is known to promote optimal hydration of the body, which helps prevent dehydration. Its symptoms include, for example, general weakness, fatigue or headaches. Even mild symptoms can negatively impact gamers' performance, so focus on drinking enough fluids and this mineral.

The product also contains citrulline, an essential amino acid that promotes the production of nitric oxide. Ultimately, this can provide a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen to active muscles. This can have a positive effect on improving your performance in the game. The Energy Formula bath is also enriched with another non-essential amino acid, L-Tyrosine. It serves as a precursor to adrenaline, norepinephrine, or dopamine associated with feelings of pleasure. However, it also affects mood, motivation, and attention. Adrenaline and norepinephrine also play a role in the body. They help you cope with stressful situations and deal with them better. You will appreciate it especially during dramatic battles with enemies, in the last minutes of sports matches or at the finish line of races, when everything is at stake.

If you are a regular gamer, then you know that your enemies are not just in the game on the screen. Even such a trifle as the already mentioned fatigue will often distract you from victory.Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and B12 can help reduce it. These B vitamins affect the proper functioning of the mental health and nervous system, which is critical in the game. Another ingredient is taurine, which is commonly found in energy drinks. However, the product also contains N-acetyl-1-carnitine and choline. These ingredients are classified as nootropics, which are used to support brain function, concentration, and mental performance. The last part of the composition refers to antioxidants, which help the body fight oxidative stress and free radicals.


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