Energy gels and electrolytes GymBeam Electrolyte TABS – 90 tabl


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Electrolyte TABS are effective tablets containing a balanced ratio of selected minerals, in particular sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. These minerals are also called electrolytes and are involved in a number of important functions in the body. Their consumption plays a role in maintaining optimal hydration. This is mainly due to the action of sodium and potassium. The lack of these substances in the body can in some cases be manifested by excessive fluid loss, which usually leads to dehydration.

The magnesium content helps maintain electrolyte balance and also helps reduce fatigue and exhaustion. The tablets are also a source of calcium, which supports the proper functioning of the muscles, as well as the already mentioned magnesium. These minerals play an important role in muscle contraction, and their deficiency has been linked to the nasty cramps that typically occur during strenuous exercise.


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