Expander GymBeam Fitness elastic band Resistance Band Soft


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A wide, low-resistance band is a practical tool for home workouts. It has a universal application, allowing you to train all parts of the muscles. You can use it to strengthen your lower body, back, chest, shoulders, arms, and abs. It is easy to store and suitable for both women and men.

The 150 cm expander is made of very durable thermoplastic rubber, which protects it from tearing. In addition to home exercises, it's also great for the gym for those who prefer to work out with a workout partner. It is ideal for bench press or squat exercises. However, it is also very popular with wrestling, powerlifting, martial arts or CrossFit athletes.

Wide resistance range and its advantages:

  • great tool for home workouts
  • highly durable due to durable material
  • suitable for engaging all parts of the muscles
  • has a length of 150 cm (loop)
  • suitable for powerlifting, martial arts or crossfit

Dimensions: Length 150 cm, Width 15 cm, Thickness 0.3 mm, Resistance 4.5 kg.


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