Expander MOVO Power Band Optimum – Green


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MOVO ® Mini Band OPTIMUM is distinguished by the material from which it is made. Friendly and comfortable to the body, the special fabric provides a comfortable workout, eliminating the feeling of tightness and irritation of the skin. MOVO ® Mini Band OPTIMUM is pleasantly soft to the touch and at the same time flexible and strong.

MOVO® Mini Band OPTIMUM is the light version of resistance:
resistance 15 kg
more elastic (at rest – 30 cm, in a stretched state – 80 cm).


  • fabric pleasant to the touch,
  • dimensions: length 30 cm, width 5 cm,
  • weight: 20 g,
  • hypoallergenic, latex free,
  • high strength and flexibility,
  • suitable for washing in the washing machine,
  • produced in Poland.


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