Power System Sports knee pads Knee Support Evo PS-6021 Black/Blue L


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Power System Knee Pad

Elastic knee brace Power System PS-6021 is an orthopedic therapeutic and prophylactic fixing knee brace to firmly hold the knee joint in the correct anatomical position.

The effect of using the bandage will remain even after repeated washing!


Minor bruises
Minor injuries
Inflammatory processes
The bandage provides protection during sports and work activities
Indications for use:

during rehabilitation after injury
in periods after knee injuries or in the postoperative period
significantly improves and speeds up the rehabilitation process
with inflammatory processes in the knee joint
with minor injuries, as part of complex treatment
in inflammatory processes, as part of complex treatment
when stretching tendons and ligaments for support and protection
during physical exertion
with minor bruises, minor injuries, instability of the knee joint in complex treatment.
for regular wear with increased loads on the lower limbs, for example, in athletes.
to prevent injury to ligaments and joints
included – 2 pcs


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