Fitness Jam GymBeam MoiMüv Protein Spread – 400 g


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MoiMüv Protein Spread is an easy-to-spread, creamy spread enriched with high levels of whey protein. This is a rebrand of our Proteinela which does not contain palm oil or GMOs. It is sweetened with maltitol, which has significantly fewer calories than regular refined sugar. MoiMüv Protein Spread is simply a great alternative to sweet spreads full of sugar. Enjoy two fantastic flavors – milk or hazelnut. You will be pleasantly surprised not only by its exceptional taste, but also by its wonderful texture. You can also add it to desserts, cereals, smoothies, and other recipes, or simply eat it with a spoon.

MoiMüv Protein Spread and its benefits

  • delicious protein paste
  • contains a high content of whey protein
  • does not contain palm oil and GMOs
  • has an exceptional taste and excellent texture
  • perfect for fitness recipes


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