Peanut butter OstroVit NutVit 100% Peanut Butter 1000 grams


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A 100% peanut butter that does not contain dyes, preservatives and other additives in the structure, prepared for security officials who avoid sugar, salt and seek to reduce these elements in their diet. With a clean nutty flavor, this product is ideal when paired with sweet or savory flavors.

NutVit 100% Peanut Butter contains all the vitamins necessary for an athlete's diet. As you know, nuts replenish your reserves of energy and strength for a full day. NutVit 100% Peanut Butter is rich in protein. The oil contains 95 percent peanuts and is completely free of salt, sugar, as well as lactose and simple carbohydrates. NutVit paste is recommended for those who regularly monitor not only the daily calorie content, but also the quality of their diet. In addition, the paste is filled with valuable fatty acids that have a great effect on the human body, maintaining a slim figure. A good option for delicious breakfasts, snacks and a variety of sandwiches.


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