GymBeam FueGain Whey Protein – 2500g


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FueGain is a premium all-purpose blend with a wide range of challenging applications. It is designed specifically for athletes who have difficulty gaining muscle mass, the so-called hardgainers. However, it will be appreciated by all athletes who want to improve performance, regeneration and return to the body the nutrients and energy burned during training. However, this is no ordinary gainer, because FueGain is much more than just a means to increase energy consumption due to its special composition.

It contains a mixture of fast and slow digesting proteins that provide almost immediate regeneration of damaged muscle fibers with a lasting effect. Thus, the core of the product is fast-digesting whey concentrate, whey isolate and slow-digesting milk micellar casein. This gives you 36 grams of high quality protein per serving for growth support and muscle support.

Comprehensive restoration of depleted energy reserves in the form of glycogen is provided by a mixture of fast and slow carbohydrates. Due to the immediate intake of a single dose, regenerative processes associated with the replenishment of energy sources begin to occur very quickly in the body, which is especially important for athletes with a strenuous training or competition program. These fast carbohydrates provide almost instantaneous energy from maltodextrin and dextrose. The slow carbohydrate Palatinosa™ (isomaltulose), a lower glycemic disaccharide composed of fructose and glucose, is responsible for the gradual release of energy. One dose will provide 45 g of carbohydrates and 25 g of sugars to quickly restore energy reserves in the body.


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