GymBeam Hydrator Water Bottle 1.89 l


The 1.89L Hydrator Drink Bottle will be your favorite companion when traveling or during long and challenging workouts. This will be appreciated by all athletes who go through difficult workouts and need hydration. There is a silicone seal under the cap to prevent leakage. Comfortable grip and drinking is ensured by the molded handle.

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Hydration bottle: pour 1.89L of water and it will save you during serious and intense workouts

The 1.89L Hydrator bottle will be your go-to companion on the road, during workouts or wherever you need to quench your thirst. Drinking routine is vital, and it's twice as important on hot summer days. The human body uses 1.5 liters of water at rest (depending on the outside temperature). Therefore, it is always important to drink plenty of water, especially in summer. The general recommendation is at least 2 liters of water per day and up to 3.5 liters on hot days. You have probably been in a situation where your water bottle or shaker emptied much faster than usual when the temperature in the gym increased. This cannot happen to you with this bottle.

Benefits of Gallon

  • has a volume of 1.89 liters
  • BPA and DEHP free
  • well done
  • does not flow
  • has a drinking hole


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