Muscle Factor 150 caps


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The complex with the most important elements of Muscle Factor will set a fast and active tone for your body before training, during training and after training. With this product, classes with iron will become more resilient, progressive. Muscle mass builds up faster with a complex of useful elements and various vitamins presented in this product.

The specially created formula of this product is aimed at easy and simple assimilation by the body, as well as improving the strength indicators of your body during sports. It is the market leader in sports nutrition. Using this product daily, you can easily increase your performance in training: the body's need for minerals and essential vitamins will be fully satisfied for the whole day.

The product contains vitamin D, phosphorus, calcium, which protect and support the main body systems throughout the course of taking the complex. Muscular and skeletal systems, immunity, neurotransmission will all improve their work thanks to the active ingredients that are part of the capsules.


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