Nicotinamide Riboside – 60 caps


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Nicotinamide riboside or Niagen is a form of vitamin B3 that is used to produce the coenzyme NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). It is found in every cell of our body and is critical, especially for the production of energy, which is then used by the muscles and brain for every action. In addition, NAD+ is associated with increased cell resistance, and its antioxidant abilities help protect cells from oxidative stress.

Due to its properties, this molecule belongs to nootropics. They are most commonly used to improve brain functions such as thinking, concentration, and memory. Therefore, it will certainly be appreciated by all students and people who need to concentrate as best as possible on their work. Last but not least, it has been found to have the ability to activate certain enzymes associated with healthy aging. For this reason, it is also sought after by people seeking to maintain their overall vitality.

The nicotinamide riboside supplement comes in practical capsule form and contains 240mg of the active ingredient per serving. Its pure plant ingredient profile makes it ideal for vegans too.


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