Vitamin B B-Basic – 100 tabs


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B-Basic 100 Tablets by Haya Labs is a complete complex of B vitamins, which play a huge role in ensuring the functioning of various systems in the body:

  • regulation of metabolic processes in cells, participation in the formation of various enzymes,
  • protecting the body from the effects of free radicals, preventing aging,
  • the formation of protective mechanisms, including the strengthening of immunity and resistance to infections,
  • participation in the synthesis of proteins,
  • maintaining the normal course of metabolic processes,
  • participation in energy exchange processes in the body,

B vitamins are biologically active substances vital for the human body that are involved in metabolic processes and energy generation. They belong to the category of water-soluble vitamins. This study is comprehensive, as it evaluates the level of the most important representatives of the B vitamins.


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