NUTREND HMB 4500 100 caps


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HMB 4500 is a natural substance for our body, which has an anti-catabolic and post-anabolic effect. The drug is suitable for athletes who are engaged in power sports and endurance exercises. This substance is intended to stimulate the growth of muscle mass and strength, regulate the ratio between adipose and muscle tissue. HMB increases the ability to adapt to increasing loads, and also prevents the destruction of muscle mass. The drug will help maintain a positive nitrogen balance, strengthen the immune system in a state of stress, keep cholesterol at the proper level. The main task of HMB is a stable and continuous growth of muscle mass.

Effect of use:

– Stimulates the growth of muscle mass and strength.

– Has a positive effect on the ratio between muscle and adipose tissue.

– Improves the body's adaptability to increased physical activity.

– Prevents the destruction of muscle mass.

– Accelerates the recovery of the body and muscle mass.

– Reduces protein catabolism (destruction of muscle mass caused by exercise).

– Helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance.

– Strengthens the body's immunity in a state of tension and stress.

– Has a positive effect on cholesterol levels.

– Designed for continuous and sustainable growth of muscle mass.


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